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How it works?

Find your up-lifting group of exceptional people, where all incentives are aligned and everyone is eager to help you achieve more.

1. Create or join an existing group

Apply to join an existing mailing-list or to create your own by first defining its purpose or mission, rules, membership criteria, and then inviting other members to join.

2. Earn credit for your contributions

As a member when you contribute by replying to a thread or referring a new joiner, you get compensated via credit that can be used later as a voting power.

3. Use your credit as a voting power

The more credit you earn, the more voting power you get on the group governance like voting on strategic decisions or approving new member referrals.

Why Shortlisted?

It is more than mailing-lists, it is a network of trusted communities built by exceptional people who are here to help.

Explore Our Groups

We are limiting access to only startup founders, executives and investors at this stage, but you can always join the waitlist and get informed when it is open to more categories.


Don’t hesitate to contact us if your question is not listed here. We’d love to hear from you.

Why I don't use a simple mailing-list?


Classic mailing lists like Google Groups for example are very hard to maintain and keep them under control, and it is even harder to activate their members since there is no tangible reward for contributions.

Can anyone join and create a group?


No, you need to first apply to get an invitation to  join an existing group or to create your own mailing-list.

What's in it for me as a group founder?


Group founders receive a credit reward that enables them to initially control the governance of the group and execute on their own vision.

What can I do with the credit I earn from contributing to different groups?


As of now, this credit is limited to voting right, but we are working on other use cases that give it more value.