Time is Money

Transact your time with exceptional people.

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How it works?

An exclusive network where incentives are aligned via a transactional protocol that makes every interaction a win-win.

1. Join and receive credit immediately

As soon as you join, you will immediately receive welcome credits that enables you to connect and transact with anyone within the network.

2. Use this credit to reach out for help

Use your credits to initiate a conversation with anyone within the network. If accepted, 1 credit will be moved from your wallet to the other member's wallet.

3. Earn credit by helping others succeed

Every time you accept a conversation request, you earn 1 credit that you can use to connect and ask help from any other member within the network.

Why join us?

Join our exclusive network to seamlessly connect, develop, and achieve more via peer-to-peer support and learning.

Join our waitlist today!

Get an early access to our platform, and get the chance to receive credits bonus by contributing to the growth of our network.


Don’t hesitate to contact us if your question is not listed here. We’d love to hear from you.

What can I do if I run out of credits?


You can always buy credit from other members who are willing to sell. You can also earn additional credits by contributing to the network like referring or screening members.

Who can apply and join the network?


At this stage, we are prioritizing founders, investors and executives. You will be automatically accepted If you are referred by our members, otherwise you will need to go through a screening process.

I signed-up for the waitlist, what are the next steps?


You will be invited to to submit your full application, and eventually join the network as an early member.